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Amazing Exteriors has been hand picked by Infinity from Marvin Windows for their decades of experience and expertise in your local market. Together, these two family-owned businesses deliver the highest quality, longest lasting replacement windows and handle the entire process from start to finish. The Infinity from Marvin replacement windows combine Low-maintenance Ultrex fiberglass with the look of traditional windows and are made in custom sizes with options for every project need. Please contact your local office for specific offerings.

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Double Hung Windows


Infinity from Marvin’s popular, versatile, state-of-the-art Double Hung window. These windows feature authentic looking lines and hardware, effortless tilt for easy cleaning, classic looks, and optimum energy efficiency. They also come with the option of a rectangular sash or round top variation.

Casement Windows

04-casement-windowsEasily update your home and increase energy efficiency with Infinity from Marvin’s Casement windows. These contemporary windows work well for old vinyl or aluminum window replacement, for both new construction and remodels, allow access to both sides of the glass for easy cleaning, and have endless design options.


Awning Windows


Let the fresh air in while keeping the rain out with Infinity from Marvin’s Awning window. Designed for quality, The Ultimate Cranking Awning adds light to a room and provides better airflow and expansive, open views. For maximum visual impact, the window can be used on its own or with a casement or picture windows.


Glider Windows

09-glider-windowsThe Ultimate Glider window brings quality craftsmanship, modern styling and a streamlined look to any home. Featuring an ergonomic handle and sleek hardware for easy operation, the Ultimate Glider’s slim profile is a great space-saving alternative with all the energy efficiency benefits of a traditional window.

Bay & Bow Windows

12-bay-windowsBring light and space into any room with the beautiful look of Infinity from Marvin Bay & Bow windows. The craftsmanship and customization options enhance your home’s personality and transform a room by capturing light from multiple angles.

Our Bay Windows can be made out of any number of windows, and placed at nearly any angle you can imagine. The Bow windows are custom designed and sized, and perfect for any project, whether it’s new construction, remodeling or replacement.

Special Shape Windows

14-special-windowsChoose from thousands of shapes to add dimension to your home windows. We provide 90-Degree Corner Windows, octagon, hexagon, trapezoid, pentoid, triangle, and many other geometric shapes. 68 Polygon shapes are available with slim profiles, huge sizes, and flush-frame look – ideal for the contemporary market and replacement projects.

Round Top Windows

16-round-top-windowsYou can select from over 60 different Round Top shapes for design flexibility. It has the aesthetics to stand alone and the compatibility to be used as a transom with other Infinity from Marvin Casements. The Ultimate Casement Round Top is also offered in larger sizes for grander views while still providing energy efficiencies and industry-leading durability.

Tilt Turn & Hopper Windows

18-tilt-turn-windowsThe Tilt Turn window can swing in like a door or tilt into your room for ventilation. It is a great window for emergency exit access and easy cleaning, and available variations offer some design possibilities. Infinity from Marvin’s Tilt-In Hopper is the perfect companion to the Tilt Turn, offering additional air and light.

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