Entry Doors

Amazing Exteriors Offers New and Replacement Provia Entry Doors For Your Home

Enchanting entry doors set the tone for any home’s curb appeal. From holding back the heat and cold, closing out the elements, as well as setting the tone as you enter your home – your front door is indispensable in its effect and utility. That is why we offer Heritage fiberglass doors, the Embarq series of fiberglass doors, steel exterior doors, Legacy Steel exterior doors and Signet fiberglass entry doors.

As a leading provider of high-quality siding, and windows, Amazing Exteriors also features ProVia doors because of their unmatched aesthetic top-quality steel and fiberglass entry doors.

ProVia offers a great variety of durable and low-maintenance steel and fiberglass entry doors. High-quality fiberglass and steel entry doors offer so much more than ordinary wooden entry doors for residence, business or other structures. Fiberglass entry doors deliver a level of insulation from the heat and cold that goes far beyond traditional lumber doors. In addition to being extraordinarily energy-efficient doors, our top-rated brands come with impressive and homey veneers that add a valuable homelike atmosphere to your entryway.

Wood grain finish entry doors made from steel or fiberglass are extraordinarily strong as well as offering beauty and the highest level of insulation available in any entry doors for home, office or other use.


Realistic Woodgrain + Ultra Energy Efficient Fiberglass Entry Doors


Smooth and Textured Heritage Fiberglass™ Doors


Fiberglass Entry Doors

Fiberglass is the latest innovation in high-quality doors. Made from composite materials within a fiberglass panel, they also come in various finishes that may be painted or stained to suit your taste.

  • Energy efficient – 4x the insulating of wood
  • Minimal maintenance – never warp, rot, dent or rust.
  • Attractive wood grain and smooth finish looks- can be painted or stained
  • Warm and inviting to touch, just like real wood

Look, touch, knock- our high-quality fiberglass doors look and feel exactly like real wood. But they will never warp, rot, dent, or rust like wood and steel doors. Fiberglass doors have an energy-efficient core, which lowers your HVAC costs and requires less maintenance since fiberglass doors are designed to avoid deteriorate with time.


Realistic Woodgrain Signet® Fiberglass Entry Fiberglass Door



HEAVY DUTY Legacy Steel™ Doors


Steel Doors

Steel entry doors are built with a wood frame, which contains insulation for the energy-efficiency you crave. Steel doors are encased in galvanized steel with a baked enamel finish. The insulating core is guaranteed to lower both your heating and cooling costs.

Why select a steel entry door for your home?

  • Energy efficient, with good insulation value
  • Low maintenance, won’t warp or rot
  • Less expensive than other door types

Steel doors come in any style, from traditional to contemporary, and can last a lifetime with little maintenance, unlike wood doors.

When you buy ProVia doors, ProVia energy-efficient door designs, in either fiberglass or steel, will bring years of durability to your entryway, add great curb appeal and energy efficiency, as well as interest to your entryway with a front door that works great, fits perfectly and is energy-efficient.

Find out why ProVia doors are the right choice for your home. Request an appointment today by completing the Request a Quote Form on this page.